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Rafia S. Rasu, MPharm, MBA, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Pharmacy Practice and Administration

Assistant Professor of Nursing

Graduate and Doctoral Faculty of Bloch School of Business & Public Administration

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Division of Pharmacy Practice and Administration
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Academic Background: 

2005 Ph.D. University of Texas School of Public Health
Major: Health Economics & Outcomes Research, Minors: Epidemiology & Biostatistics
2001 MBA Institute of Business Administration, Dhaka University, Dhaka, Bangladesh, Major:Finance
1999 MPharm Master of Pharmacy, Dhaka University, Dhaka, Bangladesh
1997 BPharm Bachelor of Pharmacy, Dhaka University, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Academic Experience and Appointments:

2008 - present Researcher of Pharmacy Program, Department of Veterans Affairs, Medical Center- Kansas City, MO
2008 - present Assistant Professor of Nursing, UMKC, School of Nursing (Joint Appointment)
2006 - present Graduate and Doctoral Faculty of interdisciplinary PhD program in Public Affairs & Administration, UMKC, Bloch School of Business and Public Administration
2005 - present Principle Research Preceptor of Managed Care Pharmacy Residency at Coventry
2005 - present Assistant Professor of Pharmacy Practice and Administration, UMKC, School of Pharmacy
2004- 2005 Graduate Research Assistant, M D Anderson Cancer Center, University of Texas
2001-2004 Graduate Research Assistant, University of Texas School of Public Health
2001 Product Officer, Roche Pharmaceutical Bangladesh Limited

Research Interests

Outcomes Research, Health Services Research, Pharmacoeconomics, Pharmacoepidemiology, Economic Evaluation of Health Care Intervention, Women's Health, and Public Health

Research Grants


Pain Medication Use and Assessment of Prescribing Patterns in USA. Funded through University of Missouri Research Board (UMRB). December 2009-2010. Role: PI.

Economic Evaluation of MITOV8 Adherence Project 2009-2010. Funded through NIH supported Motiv8 Adherence Project led by Dr. Kathy Goggin. Role: Principal researcher for economic evaluation.

Other Grants/Contracts-Funded- UMKC
Managed Care Pharmacy Residency Grant. Rasu R (Principle Research Preceptor) 2005-2010. Funded through educational grant from Abbott for $60,000.00 per year, ongoing funding.


RO-1 NR008565-01A1, Pat Kelly (PI) 2005-2008, NIH/NINR, for $1,790,484.00, Familias en Action: Action Research for Violence Prevention, Role: Co-investivator

Teaching Enhancement Grant (TEG), Rasu R (PI) 2008-2009, Faculty Center for Excellence in Teaching, for 1,000.00, Revision of a course by adding data analysis and statistical software (STATA) to express epidemiological disease association.

Treatment Pattern and Anemia Management of Chronic Kidney Diseases in a Nationally Representative Sample of Outpatient Settings in the United States. Funding Agency: UMKC Faculty Research Grant and SOP supplemental faculty research grant for $10,000. 2006-2007. Role: PI

Physician and Patient Determinants of the Treatment of Sleep Difficulties in Outpatient Settings in the United States. PI: Rajesh Balkrishnan, Funding Agency: Takeda Pharmaceuticals North America Inc.2004. Role: GRA

Rankings and Symptom Assessments of Side Effects from Chemotherapy: Insights from Experienced Patients with Ovarian Cancer, PI: Charlotte Sun, Role: GRA

Recent Publications: 

Rasu R, Hunter C, Maruska H, Peterson A, Foreyt J; Economic Evaluation of an Internet Based Weight Management Program; In press in the American Journal of Managed Care 2010.
Wong P, Rasu R, Ksenija K, Knell M;  Pharmacy Student Involvement in a Pilot Study for a Medicare Part D Fair Results in Patient Satisfaction and an Opportunity to Develop Professional Competencies;  In press in the International Journal of Pharmacy Education and Practice 2010.
Rasu R, Jayawant S, Abercrombie M, Balkrishnan R; Treatment of Anemia among Women with Chronic Kidney Disease in United States Outpatient Settings; Womenís Health Issues, 2009; 19: 211-219.

Rianon N, Selwyn B, Shahidullah S, Swint J, Franzini L, Rasu R (corresponding author); Cost of Health Education to Increase STD Awareness in Female Garment Workers in Bangladesh, 2009; In press in the International Electronic Journal of Health Education.

Rianon N, Rasu R (corresponding author); Metabolic Syndrome and its Risk Factors in Bangladeshi Immigrant Men in the USA; Immigrant and Minority Health, 2009; Feb 19.
Kelly P, Rasu R, Lesser J, Oscos-Sanchez M, Mancha J, Orriega A ; Mexican-Americans Neighborhood Social Capital and Attitudes about Violence; Mental Health Nursing 2010; 31 (1): 15-20.
Crawford T, Segars L, Rasu R (corresponding author); Prescribing Trends for the Treatment of Congestive Heart Failure (CHF) from 2002-2004. Accepted in Research in Social and Administrative Pharmacy 2009.
Stoner S, Dahmen M, Makos M, Lea J, Carver L, Rasu R; An Exploratory Retrospective Evaluation of Ropinirole Associated Psychotic Symptoms in an Outpatient Population Treated for Restless Leg Syndrome or Parkinsonís Disease. Annals of Pharmacotherapy 2009 Sep;43(9):1426-32.

Swint, M, Franzini L, Honda C, Murakami Y, Rasu R; Relationships between Economic Growth and Population Health in Low and Middle Income Countries; Invited Paper for Osaka Economic Papers, 2008; 58(2).

Pawakar, M, Joish V, Rasu R, Balkrishnan R; The Influence of Comorbidities on Prescribing Information for Sleep Difficulties: Evidence From U.S. National Outpatient Data 1995-2004; Journal of Medical Economics, 2008; 11: 41-56.

Rasu R, Crawford T, Manley H, Balkrishnan R; A Review of Outcomes and Costs Associated with Anemic Chronic Kidney Disease Patients; Current Medical Research and Opinion, 2008; 24(1): 129-137.

Rasu R, Crawford T, Manley H, Balkrishnan R; Treatment of Hypertension and Diabetes Mellitus in Patients with Chronic Kidney Disease: a Review. Expert Opinion in Pharmacotherapy, 2007 Oct; 8(15):2543-51.

Rasu R, Manley H, Crawford T, Balkrishnan R; Under Treatment of Anemia in Patients with Chronic Kidney Disease in the United States: Analysis of National Outpatient Survey Data; Clinical Therapeutics, 2007 July; 29 (7):1524-1534.
Stojanovki S, Rasu R, , Balkrishnan R, and Nahata M; Trends in Medication Prescribing for Children with Pediatric Insomnia in US Outpatient Settings; Sleep, 2007 Aug; 30(8):1013-7.
Balkrishnan R, Joish V, Bhosle M, Rasu R, Nahata M; Prior Authorization of Newer Insomnia Medications In Managed Care: Is It Necessary? Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine, 2007;3 (4): 393-8.
Patel H, Rasu R, Burke S, Toe D; Impact of an Intervention to Pharmacy benefit design on Second Generation Anticonvulsants Use; Publicized in VerusMed on April 17th 2006.
Rasu R, Shenolikar R, Balkrishnan R, and Nahata M; Physician Prescribing of Sleep Disorder Medications in United States Outpatient Settings: Factors associated with prescription of high abuse potential and costly medications; Clinical Therapeutics, 2005; 27(12):1970-1979.
Rasu R, Balkrishnan R, Shenolikar R, and Nahata M; Treatment of Insomnia: a review and update; Expert Review on Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes Research, 2005; 5(6):
Sun C, Bodurka D, Weaver C, Rasu R, Wolf J, Bevers M, Smith J, Wharton J, Rubenstein E; Rankings and Symptom Assessments of Side Effects from Chemotherapy: Insights from
Experienced Patients with Ovarian Cancer,
Supportive Care in Cancer, 2005 Apr;13(4):219-27.
Balkrishnan R, Rasu R, and Rajagopalan R; Physician and Patient Determinants of the Treatment of Sleep Difficulties in Outpatient Settings in the United States, Sleep, 2005; 28(6):715-719.
Book Chapter:

Franzini L, Swint M, Murakami Y, Rasu R; Economic Development and Population Health,(5th chapter of the book titled: Reinventing Public Health: Policies and Practices for a Healthy Nation, Lu Ann Aday (Editor) ISBN: 0-7879-7561-3, Jossey-Bass, October 2005.


2009 Received  UMKC Pharmacy Foundation award for Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy (AMCP) student chapter Antibiotic Adherence project.
2009 Recipient of Whoís Who in America researchers and educators of the year award.
2007 Faculty advisor of UMKC AMCP student chapter. UMKC AMCP student chapter won third prize in national pharmacy and therapeutics (P&T) competition organized by Foundation of Managed Care Pharmacy (FMCP)
2006- 2008 Received UMKC Office of Research Services travel grant award and Deanís scholarship for research paper presentation in 2006, 2007, and 2008
2005 Delta Omega nominee. Delta Omega Honorary Society encourages excellence in student scholarship and research and to recognize academic and professional achievement in the field of public health 
2004 Received Management and Policy Sciences division award from University of Texas Houston School of Public Health for research paper presentation
2002 Third place Team in the 10th Annual Health Care Team Competition (HCTC) organized by Houston Health Science Center