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EDUCAUSE- Educational Learning Initiative Atlanta, Georgia. 

Presented on the Virtual Instructors Pilot Research Group.

E-Learn, AACE sponsored conference; Montreal City, Canada

Presented on the Geoworlds Virtual Learning Environment.

 International Society for Cultural and Activity Research (ISCAR) Seville, Spain. September 24-30 , 2005. Presented a full paper
Title: How Educators Acquire Innovations: Using Activity Theory to Understand Efforts to Implement Innovative Educational Environments.
Chairing a paper session at the conference

Computer Supported Collaborative Learning Conference (June 4-6, 2005) in Taipae, Taiwan (CSCL)
Presented a full paper: Title: Implementing Online Collaborative Professional Development for Innovative Educators. Sponsored by International Society of the Learning Sciences. This paper will be published in 2006 in their journal

National Educational Computing Conference 2005, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. June 26, 2005. International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE SIG)
I presented at a workshop on Online Professional Development for Educators. I was invited by David Moursand (one of the original founders of ISTE) to present at this workshop. The panelists will be asked to work collaboratively on a publication on the topic of technology in educational settings.

American Educational Research Association Conference 2005, Montreal, Canada. I presented 4 times at AERA.

Research Division K: Symposium I chaired a symposium on the design of research based on systems analysis and holistic response. I was invited to send in a proposal.

Teacher Education Division: Presenting a paper on online professional development I reviewed proposals for this Division.

Technology, Activity, Cognition, Technology and Learning SIG: Presenting a paper on Mediated Action in Learning. I reviewed proposals for TACTL. I was invited to send a proposal.

Technology, Instruction Cogniton and Learning SIG: Presenting a roundtable discussion on Learning and Technology

National Association of Multicultural Education Conference (NAME) 2004
Member of local planning committeee for the NAME 2004 Conference held in Kansas City and hosted locally by the UMKC/SOE. I presented on my work in St. Louis Public with middle school students integrating advanced online work environments. Title: Youth Leadership and Technology Project.

International Conference on Education and Information Systems, Technologies and Applications (2004) (IEISTA)
I was accepted to present a full paper at the conference on Online Mediated Dialogs. I reviewed 9 proposals prior to the conference.

Information Technology in Teacher Education Conference; July 2-6, 2004 (ITTE) Chester, UK.
I was invited to present a paper and a symposium on systems-analysis of technology-based programs in education.

Association of the Advancement of Computing in Education: Society for Information Technology and Teacher Education: SITE 2003
Presentation of a paper. Title: Inquiry into Mediated Action: The Implementation of an Innovation Cluster.

Washington University Spring Forum:
Presentation of a paper: Title: An Inquiry into Collaborative Online Professional Development and the Implementation of Innovation

International Conference on Learning Sciences, 2003
Title: A Collaborative Study of the Adoption of an Innovation (with A. Schneiderheinze)

Association of the Advancement of Computing in Education: Society for Information Technology and Teacher Education: SITE 2003
Title: Inquiry into Mediated Action: The Implementation of an Innovation Cluster (with A. Schneiderheinze)

Qualitative Research Conference, University of Missouri-St. Louis, 2003, Title: Inquiry into Mediated Action

American Educational Research Association AERA, 2002
Title: Reflective Professional Development for Educators (presented by Dr. Keefer)

Missouri Educational Technology Conference, October 2002
Title: Opening Doors Through Technology (with A. Schneiderheinze)

SITE 2002 (Society of Information Technology in Education)
Title: Utilizing Activity Theory to Define a Systemic Response to Educational Settings.
(with A. Schneiderheinze)*We were invited to write a position paper on the Open Source Initiative in Education, EdForge, for their journal publications.

Spring Forum at Washington University College of Education, 2002
Title: Inquiry into Mediated Action

Qualitative Research Conference at the University of Missouri-St. Louis, 2002
Title: Inquiry and Mediational Effects (with A. Schneiderheinze)

Qualitative Research Conference at UMSL, 2001
Title: Using Qualitative Software to Implement a Case Study


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