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Assistant Professor,

Curriculum and Instructional Leadership

School of Education

University of Missouri- Kansas City

I have taught graduate courses and designed a new masters degree, a masters degree in curriculum and instructional leadership with an emphasis on learning technologies, for the School of Education. I have taught Curriculum Design, Portfolio dDevelopment for the Kansas City Teaching Fellows, and cognition and technology. I am currently scheduled to teach Action Research, Advanced Educational Psychology and Assessing the Role of Technology in Education.

Shadow Net Workspace Project Manager, 2001-2003

Center for Technology Innovations in Education, School of Information Science and Learning Technologies,

University of Missouri-Columbia,
Youth Leadership and Technology Program,
Vashon Education Compact,
Coro Midwestern Training Center,
St. Louis Public School District.

I designed and implemented authentic problem-based units for the Youth Leadership and Technology Program in a middle school in the St. Louis Public School District. This project is part of the Vashon Education Compact, a non-profit educational reform organization funded partially by the Danforth Foundation. I designed and implemented, with Coro Midwestern Training Center, a non-profit, non-partisan educational institution supported by foundations, corporations and individuals, an advanced authentic-based problem-solving unit defined by the study of current issues in St. Louis. The units, Community Renewal and Neighborhood Connections, helped students identify issues in their community and interact with businesses, organizations and government agencies in the city of St. Louis to affect change in their community.

I integrated Shadow NetWorkspace, a Linux-based open-source online middleware program, into St. Louis Public Schools. The students develop online contacts with experts in the field in order to research and respond to their issues. Shadow Net Workspace was developed and is supported by the School of Information Sciences and Learning Technologies at the University of Missouri-Columbia.

Vashon Science Initiative, Vashon Education Compact.

I did professional development with the Vashon Science Initiative Program, also part of the VEC, to train the teachers to use Shadow Net Workspace as part of their professional development program for implementing reform-based science units.

Online instruction of Advanced Child Develoment, Webster University, 2001-2004

I taught Advanced Child Development online in the online MAT degree program at Webster University. I designed the website using WEb CT and implemented the assessemnts online.

Research Assistant, Early Childhood Dept, College of Education, University of Missouri-Columbia, 2001-2002

I worked with Dr. Espinoza, Early Childhood Dept. at UMC and Dr. Laffey, Learning Sciences and Technology Dept. at UMC to implement an Interagency Educational Research Initiative planning grant. I worked at a St. Louis Public School District elementary school gathering data, conducting interviews and developing technology integration programs for the educators.

Research Assistant, Educational Psychology Department, University of Missouri-St. Louis, 1999-2001

I worked on the development and implementation of an Interagency Educational Research Initiative grant at UMSL. The grant was a 3-year study of the professional development practices of teachers implementing an inquiry-based instructional model, Schools for Thought, in the St. Louis Public School District. I created a model of reflective professional development for the teachers including the development of a website,, and reflection templates using multi-media to aid teachers in designing new curriculum.

University Instructor, Educational Psychology Department, UMSL, 2000- 2002

I taught The Psychology of Teaching and Learning to undergraduate students. I taught it as a project-based course emphasizing the development of student understanding of the psychological theories through their response to a series of scenarios such as the design and analysis of case studies and the realistic integration of field studies in the St. Louis Public School District.

Computer Instructor, 1995-2001, Microcomputers Dept., Continued Education Program, UMSL.

I instructed students in the Kids N Computer program at the University of Missouri-St. Louis. It is part of the Microcomputers Department at UMSL. I taught classes on web site design using DreamWeaver, creating interactive videos using Macromedia Director and coding using Visual Basic to middle school students. I taught workshops on integrating the internet to educators from the St. Charles School District. This workshop was also offered through the Microcomputers Department at UMSL.

Gifted Education Facilitator, 1996-1999, Center for Creative Learning, Rockwood School District.

Utilizing the most current technological aids, I developed and implemented curriculum for gifted students in the Rockwood School District. The curriculum was inquiry-based designed around current issues and emerging technologies. The curriculum was written with Missouri State Standards and Rockwood Core Curriculum Objectives stated and assessed. All the units involved community organizations, private and public, in their design and implementation.

Technology Instructor, 1993-1999

I trained teachers in the Rockwood School District on PageMaker, Web Page Design, Desktop Publishing and Word Formatting.
I instructed college students in the business program at East Central College on the Macintosh system. I instructed teachers in the Union R-XI School District on a variety of software. I taught courses for parents in a community outreach program in Union R-XI School District.

Gifted Education Coordinator 1993-1996

I developed and coordinated the gifted education program for grades 4-8 at the Union R-XI School District. My students presented interactive multimedia projects at the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education Technology Conference in 1995.

Classroom Instructor 1987-1993

I taught grades 4th and 6th grades at Beaufort Elementary in the Union R-XI School District.

Private School Instructor, 1985-1987

I taught grades 2-3 at Zion School in St. Clair, Missouri.






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