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Journal Reviewer

I am a reviewer for the journal Educational Technology and Society and the Interdisciplinary Journal of Problem-Based Learning

Book Chapter

I have submitted a chapter for the book "Cases on Global e-Learning Practices: Successes and Pitfalls". My chapter will be the case study of an educational setting. My chapter is titled Online Professional Development for Educators: A Case Study Analysis using Cultural Historical Activity Theory.

Articles published

Russell, D. & A. Schneiderheinze (2005). Understanding Innovation in Education using Activity Theory. Educational Technology in Society: Volume 8, Issue 1, 2005. ISSN: 1436-4522 (online) and 1176-3647 (print)

Russell, D & A. Schneiderheinze (2005). Implementing an Innovation Cluster in Educational Settings In Order to Develop Constructivist-Based Learning Environments. Educational Technology in Society. Vol.8, Issue 2.

Russell, Donna. (2005). Transformation in an Urban School: Using Systemic Analysis to Understand an Innovative Urban Teacher’s Implementation of an Online Problem-Based Unit. International Journal of Instructional Technology & Distance Learning. February 2005. Volume 2 Number 2

Russell, Donna. (2004). Paradigm Shift: A Case Study of Innovation in an Educational Setting. International Journal of Instructional Technology & Distance Learning. December 2004. Volume 1 Number 12. ISSN 1550-6908

Russell, D. (2005). Implementing an Innovation cluster in educational settings in order develop constructivist-based learning environments. Educational Technology and Society. Vol. 8, Issue 2.

Articles submitted for publication

International Journal of Information and Communication Technology Education
Russell, D. (2005) Paradigm Shift: A Case Study of Innovation in an Educational Setting Lawrence A. Tomei, EdD, Editor-in-Chief,

Technology, Pedagogy and Education:
Russell (2004) The Mediated Action of Educational Reform: An Inquiry into Collaborative Online Professional Development and Unit Implementation

Mind, Culture and Activity:
Russell, Schneiderheinze & Polman, (2004). The Implementation of a Reform-Based unit utilizing an Innovation Cluster

Hui, D., & Russell, D. (2005). Understanding online professional development
for educators through the analysis of intersubjectivity in computer-mediated
communication. Manuscript submitted for publication

Online Dialogic Forum

I moderated an online dialog for February 2005 on Constructivist-Based Reform efforts to the International Forum of Educational Technology & Society (IFETS). I will moderated and summarized the 12 day online dialog. I wrote a paper summarizing the forum to be published in the International Journal for Educational Technology and Society journal.



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